Aug 5, 2012

Mission 24

it's time for a summer festival & Hiromu as a clown

Ryuuji & Yoko was wondering where did Hiromu & Nick went as they had different things like shopping & going to the movies mean while Hiromu arrived at a stage

the two founded Hiromu  in a clown costume again while he feels embarrassed he told the two that his middle school classmates ask him to help out for the Summer Festival since he was part of a street performing club at school meanwhile Enter has unleashed Wataameroid to disrupt the festival when the trio got the notice they were stopped by Hiromu's middle school teacher Shitara Kyouko to ask him about the rehearsal as Hiromu introduced Ryuuji & Yoko to her but because Hiromu can't help the others, Ryuuji & Yoko goes instead

just as Masato & B.J. arrived with the help from Ryuuji & Yoko to fight Wataameroid but Enter is preparing to get the enetron so the metaroid retreats as Ryuuji & Yoko meet up with Hiromu & Nick to come up with a plan

but Hiromu wats to make sure that everyone have fun at the festival since appreciates his teacher while at the time Hiromu is still training to be a Go-Buster Kyouko was worried about him because of it & since he's always alone so she dragged him to the club room as she tries to juggle so Hiromu tried it & did it very well Hiromu cares about his classmate & his teacher for what they did for him so the Busters try to find a way to keep the festival running

the Busters tries to locate the metaroid while the megazord is approaching with Nick leading the people to safety but Kyouko was missing once the megazord arrived but luckily Hiromu manage to save her & ask her why did she do that because she was getting a picture of the club which means alot to her as Hiromu tells her to get to safety

as Go-Buster Beet & Ace fight the Wataamezord Ryuuji & Yoko luckily beats the Wataameroid as Masato use the Beet Catapult attack with Ace on top of the SJ-05 to shut it down after that Kyouko-sensei tells Hiromu that he saved her & thanked him for that as she gave him the special picture so Hiromu goes to help welcome the incoming guests
its a really sweet episode with Hiromu still dressed as a clown