Jul 22, 2012

Mission 22

today is the debut of the new avatar Escape

Enter was just walking by when he was attacked by a mysterious woman who called herself Escape & her two guns Goku & Magoku as Enter knew that Messiah has created a new avatar while at the EMC the trio got assigned a mission to go to a event at a hotel because of a email about the enetron while three kids goes to the event as well

as Hiromu & Yoko goes to the hotel to find the person for the email Hiromu becomes frozen from the sight of a chicken Morishita tells Ryuuji that the email is from a boy named Shouta because he want to show his friends the Go-Busters as Escape release Keyroid to attack Escape has the people hostage

just as Escape about to ask the Shouta if he knew the Busters & shoots the boys Hiromu showed them that he's a Go-Buster as she approaches to him Hiromu act out weak & scared which made Nick upset at him Escape leaves to get ready for the megazord Ryuuji is fighting the Keyroid alone until Masato & B.J. arrives to help out Hiromu & Yoko helps the people escape Shouta ask Hiromu why did he acted like that while back as Shouta explain that he's not good at things but Hiromu tells him that everybody is good at something so Shouta help his friends until Hiromu & Yoko arrived he tells Shouta that everybody has good points & bad points as Shouta & his friends leave for safety 

Ryuuji, Masato, & B.J. arrived to see Escape & Keyroid as the Busters fight them head on while the Keyroid was defeated & Escape leaves to see the megazord arrived & the sub dimension appeared

so they uses Great Go-Buster to fight the Keyzord with his might use the Dimension Thrust to shut it down & the sub dimension disappear as Shouta & his friends see Great Go-Buster from above
Escape seems deadly what will Enter do? great episode :)