Jul 16, 2012

Mission 21

its late so here it is :)

its a heatwave at the EMC & Ryuuji is already overheated because of it then he passed out while Gorisaki is checking over Ryuuji's medical check Masato came to the park with B.J. he told Gorisaki that Ryuuji's life is at risk if he overheats again which made Gorisaki worrying more Masato tires to tell him that its a joke but Gorisaki left meanwhile Enter released Dumbellroid

as the Dumbellroid made people over work out Hiromu & Yoko arrived to fight it but it was no match for its power

as Kuroki gives orders to Ryuuji Hiromu suggest that Ryuuji should retire & thought what would happen if the fought the Vaglass for 20 or 30 years while he appointed Morishita as the new Blue Buster so Ryuuji leaves as the others are glad that Ryuuji won't overheat to death if he retires

with Morishita as the new Blue Buster the while Yoko told Miho & Morishita what is really going on as Miho walks back in tears as the Dumbellroid appears Hiromu & Yoko fought & then Masato& B.J. arrived to help but that didn't work with the three stuck under a big weight & B.J. in a work out

as Morishita came back Kuroki wanted the truth so Miho told him while Ryuuji heard it as well after that he leaves to help is comrades even though Morishita & Miho told him not to when Kuroki ask the two who told them that Miho told him that Masato told Gorisaki which made Kuroki realize that it was all a joke Ryuuji arrives to tell the others that he knows the truth & tells this might be his last fight so Ryuuji fights the Dumbellroid & beats it just the megazord arrives Hiromu & Yoko tells Ryuuji that it was a joke by Masato as he uses Buster Hercules as Ryuuji arrives as well to beat the Dumbellzord all by himself

after that Ryuuji got mad at Masato for that & grabs Masato & B.J. in a headlock (would Hiromu & Yoko get in trouble as well for lying to him) its a good episode sorry for the delay