Jul 8, 2012

Mission 20

its the debut of Great Go-Buster & with ranger clones & delusions

late at night Hiromu was listening to the music box Christmas gift which made Yoko awake as she knew its about the sub dimension all that made him feel sad Enter however unleash the Filmroid & Filmzord to attack the city

the trio meet the Filmroid as it summons ranger clones of the trio luckily they beat them as the Filmzord created the sub dimension as Masato approaches to tell the three that GoBuster-Oh can't go to the sub dimension as he explains that the megazord created a delusion

Enter talks with Messiah as the citizens are getting hurt Masato develop a idea to create a new combination with the help of the matinence crew as Hiromu looks upon the sub dimension while Yoko is worry about him & if he feels lonely about what happen 13 years ago

as the trio faces the Filmroid he sends them to illusions created by him but Hiromu can't break free as the illusion becomes more powerful Hiromu can't hear Ryuuji & Yoko as the two tells Hiromu to break free as Yoko knows the feeling of being lonely with their families as his illusion disappears Hiromu beats the Filmroid

as the tune up is complete the five Busters goes to the sub dimension as Great Go-Buster to fight the Filmzord & shuts it down with all of Hiromu's might

as the sub dimension disappears Hiromu got exhausted & collapse with a smile on his face
its a good episode & brought lots of emotions to it