Jul 1, 2012

Mission 19

its the debut of Buster Hercules & Nick takes the spotlight

the Buddyroids were at a stand off for B.J. to get some enetron while he describes the three when describes Nick as the "Bike Guy" he got upset about it

so Nick decides to train while Hiromu doesn't have a clue about what's going on while Enter targets the buddyroids as he get prepared for the metaloid after training Gorisaki gave Nick a can of enetron to drink & ask why is he training so hard Nick explains that its because B.J. said about what he thought of him & that because he can fight while Nick,Gorisaki, and Usada are not the battle type so Nick wants to be useful as well Gorisaki supports him to keep trying

as Nick continues his training he remember his time while training Hiromu while Enter unleashes Spanneroid to get Nick & to disassemble him luckily B.J. arrives just for the enetron he fights the Spanneroid while the Busters fight the Buglers but the metaloid flee while B.J. get his drink XD

Hiromu was upset at Nick and the two had a fight as Nick explains to him that he wants to be special as well as he leaves the base while the Busters are trying to find the Spanneroid Ryuuji ask Hiromu if he's worried about Nick

Nick founded the Spanneroid & Enter as he tries to fight it  but as the Spanneroid slowly disassemble Nick Hiromu & the others arrived to free Nick Hiromu tells him how important he is to him & to believe in himself as Masato & B.J. appears to force B.J. to tell Nick what he really thinks of him

the Busters fought the Spanneroid & beat it as the Spannerzord appears they uses GoBuster-Oh but it didn't work out so Masato & B.J. combine to make Buster Hercules to shut down the megazord

Nick was training with the little kids & ask Hiromu to join in after that Hiromu is being blunt to Nick as he chases Hiromu XD
Buster Hercules is awesome with too much weapons uphold it