Jun 24, 2012

Mission 18

its time for the Busters to go 3000 meters under Earth

Yoko was trying to learn why type of beetle B.J. is while Usada was proving her wrong while Ryuuji is wondering about Masato & the Go-Buster Beet while Miho detected a megazord coming while a mysterious hole was created while the metaroid Drillroid Ver 2 appears

the Drillroid got away from underground while Kuroki got a call from Masato about a plan then hung up on him

at first Hiromu refused but Masato uses a picture of a chicken to make Hiromu freeze(good idea) so Masato told B.J. to stay with Yoko to get the metaroid as the three goes 3000 meters under the Earth Yoko finally knows what type of beetle B.J. is as the two goes after the metaroid

as Hiromu,Ryuuji & Masato goes to the hole Masato ask Hiromu if he's ok with it while Ryuuji is worried about Hiromu Yoko & B.J. were walking around the forest until B.J. gets distracted by the tree saps & wonders off while Hiromu founds the megazord up the surface two appears so Ryuuji has to fight it

Yoko runs out of energy & her cookies got blown but B.J. gave her tree sap for her to eat which recovers her energy & the two destroy the metaroid & join the others to fight the megazords

Hiromu beats the two megazords underground, Ryuuji & Yoko beat the other two & Masato & B.J. beats the Drillzord Ver 2

Yoko told Masato that she learn about B.J. & he and B.J. got into a fight again XD 
good episode & bond between Yoko & B.J.