Jun 17, 2012

Mission 17

it's time go Go-Buster Beet's debut

after Ryuuji found Masato & B.J. getting some Enetron he told Masato to stop stealing the Enetron but Masato needs it when he gets transported even got a called from Kuroki to ask him to stop it Masato notice the bandage on Hiromu from the injuries from the fight as Masato prepares to go back to the sub dimension

meanwhile Enter is ready to release another metaloid and another megazord while Ryuuji founded Masato at a batting cage Masato ask him why is he fighting & not wanting to become an engineer Ryuuji got a call from Kuroki to about Enetron coming its way

as Yoko delivers the Enetron Enter appears on the helicopter so she dropped the tank while Enter unleashed Forkloid and the megazord type beta based on the BC-04 design with another megazord

Hiromu & Yoko tries to fight the megazords while Ryuuji and Masato and B.J. fight Forkloid but Ryuuji goes and help Hiromu and Yoko while Forkloid got beaten by Masato and B.J. as the trio uses GoBuster-Oh it was no match for the megazords as Ryuuji tries to protect Hiromu and Yoko B.J. summons BC-04 and SJ-05 to come to their aide Masato ask Ryuuji what's is his reason to fight his answer is to become an engineer as he using the Enetron from Ace and RH-03

as BC-04 transform into Go-Buster Beet and finishes off the Forkzord and shuts it down while Enter is upset about it as he leaves

at the rooftop Masato gives Ryuuji books for him to study & encourage him to become an engineer while he took 20,000 yen from Ryuuji to pay for the books he tells him that he's 27 even though in real life he's actually 40 which make Ryuuji the big brother as everyone wants something from Ryuuji XD
good episode and it's the first time i heard cursing from Masato surprised that Hiromu and Ryuuji didn't know what he said