Jun 10, 2012

Mission 16

let's learn the mysteries behind Jin Masato & the debut of BC-04 & SJ-05

B.J. Stag was trying to open the hatch to get some enetron to drink as Hiromu gets him  as B.J. tries to shoot the door but ran out of energy so after a couple of drinks B.J. Stag gets questioned about why he & Masato steals the Enetron B.J. tells him that it was Masato's plan while saying "Kurorin" which Masato always calls Kuroki by which everyone was laughing at it further more B.J. said that the "J" in his name is Jueki(sap) after that B.J. leaves

so the trio follows B.J. so they they can find Masato Ryuuji ask Hiromu if he's scared while Enter made Parabolaloid to find Beet Buster & Stag Buster so Ryuuji & Yoko fights the metaloid while Hiromu finds Masato. Masato appears & Hiromu asked him how did he escape the sub dimension & wonders if there is still survivors

Masato tells Hiromu what happen 13 years ago & tells him that there is no survivors at the sub dimension after they were transported which made Hiromu very angry & the two fight each other

Enter appears with the Parabolaloid to fight the Busters as Masato protected Hiromu with the missiles targeting him & Enter but B.J. appears & transported Masato to reality as Enter did the same as he learns that Masato can do the same thing

the 5 are all together to fight the Parabolaloid it was until the Parabolazord appears as CB-01 Ace fights the megazord but there's two megazords coming its was BC-04 & SJ-05 with Ryuuji & Yoko beat the Parabolaloid Masato & B.J. helped out Hiromu & shuts down the Parabolazord

thought Masato tells the trio that there might not be any survivors he gave them a Christmas gift  from their love ones which was a music box that was playing Jingle Bells just as the trio are going back home Nick is going the wrong way & trips at the stairs(now where have i seen this setting before)
its a really good episode & i like the ending scene its a sweet & a little sad moment :)