Jun 3, 2012

Mission 15

it's time for Beet Buster & Stag Buster's debut ready...? go!

after Kuroki was shock to see Beet Buster & his buddyroid alive Beet Buster introduce himself as Jin Masato & his Buddyroid Beet J. Stag with a habit to cover him later at the base the 3 busters were having a break Gorisaki dropped Ryuuji's memorable stuff Hiromu founded a certificated while Ryuuji tells them about his sempai

Messiah however is furious about the loss of Enetron while Enter unleashed Soujikiloid to steal the Enetron(surprised that this metaroid is laid back)

the Go-Busters tries to fight Soujikiloid until Beet Buster & his buddyroid appears to help out everybody was confuse about it Hiromu was upset the most because of it Beet Buster reveals him as Masato as he reunites with Ryuuji Kuroki explains to them that's why he was gone

the Busters was fighting Soujikiloid while the Soujikilzord is approaching until Masato & Beet J .Stag appear to tell them to let them handle Soujikiloid while the Busters fight the Soujikilzord Ryuuji tells them to let Masato fight the metaloid

as the Soujikilzord gathers the Enetron they use GoBuster-oh to shut down the megazord as Beet Buster & Stag Buster beats the Soujikiloid with Boost up for Buster

after that Masato & Beet J. Stag hijack the car so that they could use the Enetron as the 3 chases them down(why didn't Hiromu uses Nick to chase them?) could they be working for the enemy?! nice to see an old sentai member return to action :)