Jun 25, 2012

Akiba 12

its time for close to the finale

now they know the truth the trio needed to know who's behind it using the opening credits once that's done they need to find a way to make sure the show won't end while Doctor Z finally understands but Deluknight wants to beat the Akibarangers

they thought if they can change the plot the show won't end like Yumeria telling Kozukozu that she loves her or Mitsuki meeting her rival Fusagi Mio again while Nobuo got a call from Sayaka that she's at Akihabara wanting to watch the Sun Vulcan movie meanwhile Marushina knocks out Doctor Z but got shot by Deluknight. Hakase tells them to give up but the trio tells her that they won't give up & let the show end

Deluknight kidnapped Sayaka to lure the trio out but the trio can't because of the show but they had no choice but to save her after that they fight Deluknight but he shot by Doctor Z after finally understands his bad ways but Doctor Z got posses by Deluknight & got a giant robot so they uses Machine Ishtar but as they try to not become an official the robo got destroy so is Deluknight

as the crowd goes to the trio to thank them they didn't want that & tries to escape from the crowd back at the cafe Doctor Z apologizes to Hakase for his evil ways & two reconcile but the trio didn't want a happy ending but they let Hakase hug her father as the three goes to fight Marushina but as the giant end sign appears so they try to destroy it so that it won't end like this  but the hand appeared & ends the show as the narrator tells that next week is a clip show & i'll do a review on that too
the end? i can't believe that its over?