Jun 2, 2012

Akiba 9

it's the ninth episode :D

Hakase ask the Akibaranger to hand over the Moe Moe Z-Cune & tells them that the Akibarangers are over which made them upset & was drove out of the cafe it was until Yumeria got a call from Tsukasa which was actually Marushina Nobuo vows to not give up yet & he'll work hard

the girls miss being Akibarangers & wonder what do they do now while Nobuo cosplays as himself? 

until a mysterious man give Nobuo the MMZ-01 back to him he heard the Alpaca voice & thought it was Tsukishima but its actually Asakusa Alpaca Tsukishima's older brother as they fight Mitsuki & Yumeria saw Marushina with the MMZ-01 & ask them what are they going to do help Nobuo out as Hakase tries to get Nobuo out of the delusion

now it get worse as Kozukozu switches the dimension gate Asakusa breaks the gate & enters the real world & terrorize the cafe & Akihabara

but they can't transform because they are not in the delusion anymore but Sayaka was in trouble Nobuo tries to fight but everyone tells him that he can't but he proves them wrong & manages to transform in the real world he uses the Inordinate Powers to beat Asakusa after that he passed out Hakase apologize for not believing in Nobuo but was approached by Marushina & the mysterious man

the man turns out to be Doctor Z/Hakase's father Marushina tells them the voice actor for Aoi-tan is actually Hakase/Toyozuki Shuri now its the final boss
just 3 more episodes left until its over