Jun 17, 2012

Akiba 11

it's time for the new Akiba Red let's go

Nobuo is now passing the torch to Takuma as the new Akiba Red as Nobuo is leaving just before he says goodbye to Sayaka while she tells him that she's going to the airport as well then Nobuo leaves a farewell

as Doctor Z prepares his army for the fight with a monster Drill Cyclops ready for battle as the trio get ready with new team jackets

the three goes to action while Takuma is worrying about his sister because of the curse mark but Hakase tells them that she'll be alright by then the three meet Deluknight & did the role call Gekiranger style they fight him

meanwhile Nobuo meet Marushina again & making references to Sun Vulcan he finally knows that something was wrong while the Akibarangers are fighting Deluknight Nobuo figured out that they are not real as he recognized the tropes in the show just the Department of Defense appears to get Nobuo Marushina used herself as a shield to allow Nobuo escape as Takuma used the Bouken Shovel as his own Geki Waza to beat Deluknight as he retreats for now

at the parking lot Nobuo saw the trio and tells them about the truth that they don't exists just fictional characters of a TV show Akibaranger as Nobuo showed them the link to the Akibaranger's website at first the girls didn't believe it but now they do as Nobuo explains the tropes to them Takuma gives the MMZ-01 back to Nobuo and leaves

Marushina tells Doctor Z about it and tells him to stop but Doctor Z tells her to leave as he points the gun and shoots her

back at the cafe Hakase tells the trio that the curse is gone but now that Nobuo knows the truth happens next?!
i don't want Akibaranger to end!!