Jun 9, 2012

Akiba 10

let's learn about the creation of Aoi-tan and Doctor Z

after the big fight the Akibarangers want Hakase to tell them what's going on Hakase shows them two version of Aoi the original & the more sexy version her father, Tsuzuki Takehiro was a scientist that became the character design of the Z-Cune anime but his designs becomes to risque and was fired for it

as Hiroyo audition for the role of Aoi & got the role she changed her name to Toyozuki Shuri so that her father doesn't know about her becoming a seiyuu

while Doctor Z sends a new chief clerk to destroy the Akibarangers Hakase tells them about one night at the party when she received the MMZ-01 as gift from her father telling her to fight evil for justice the three find it not right for Hakase

as the three was walking around town they saw a puppy almost being run over by a truck but was saved a mysterious man on a motorcycle the girls woo at him as he leaves but the clerk arrived to fight the trio called Deryu Knight as the girls are prepared to fight him since they saw Nobuo fight in the real while Hakase experience pain when they transformed as  Deryu Knight  fights them Kozukozu saw Hakase coughing out blood and tries to help her so the trio summons the Inordinate Cannon but it was no match for Deryu Knight so Doctor Z calls him to retreat

at the cafe Nobuo got a call from Sayaka to thanked him for saving her while he continues to brag about it Hakase tells them that she's alright now until the same man from before came in to look at the mark & he's part of the ICPO or the CIA he's came to investigate about the MMZ-01 while Kozukozu thought it was Retsu from Gekiranger but the trio tells her that it's not him the man reveals to her as Nee-san and his name to be Tsuzuki Takuma since he's from New York

Kozukozu got a call from the Pentagon!!! they request that they want Nobuo because of his leadership(incredible!!) but Nobuo was upset because he's wondering who's going to take his place while he's in America so thought now as Takuma comes in & plays the trumpet as he reveals to become the new Akiba Red とろしく baby! just 3 more episodes left :D