May 13, 2012

Mission 12

its time to dress up let's start also Happy Mother's Day everybody :D

Yoko & Usada just their training after what happen in the last episode(blasting off again) Miho ask what does Yoko do for fun & was a little shock since she wonders does Yoko even have time to play since she is 16 Kuroki gives them a new assignment to protect an actress from Hong Kong named Angie Sue because the Vaglass wants the crystal from her earrings everyone was surprises that Angie & Yoko look alike

 so Hiromu & Ryuuji dressed up while Yoko is at the roof waiting for Angie to arrive for her interview so Ryuuji serves her tea but only see her as Yoko 

elsewhere Enter made the Copyroid metaloid so it can get the crystal from Angie so the Busters fights it but it ran away so its planning to get Angie at the press conference so they want Angie to give them the crystal

when the manager notice how Yoko & Angie looks alike he is surprise Angie tells them that her dream depends on this movie but Yoko called this dream stupid Angie ask Yoko what is her dream & why is she fighting Angie got the earrings from her mother & its her treasure Gorisaki ask Usada if he's worry about Yoko & Usada explains to Miho about Yoko's mother & how she is since then Yoko ask Hiromu what is his dream to beat the Vaglass? she wonders if she has a dream of her own
she meets Angie & gives Yoko a makeover so she can be Angie Yoko promise her that she'll protect Angie's dream & everybody's dream the plan is to lure Copyroid out with Yoko as Angie while Hiromu fights the Copyzord

the plan work but the metaloid manages to steal the crystal & gives them to Enter while Ace fights the copy Ryuuji & Yoko beats the Copyroid & they go to help Hiromu they turn into GoBuster-Oh & shut down the megazord

Ryuuji tells Yoko that there's an email for her from Angie but it was in English surprise that Ryuuji can translate the message well & says that Angie thanks the Go-Busters for protecting her & it shows a YouTube video of Yoko fighting the Copyroid as Angie which became a hit everyone was surprise that she's famous on the internet while Usada made a joke & runs away before Yoko gets him. nice ep & it's fun to see them dress up :)