May 19, 2012

Akiba 7

its time for the seventh episode so its starting to get real

now that Marushina is in the real world things are getting bad so the Akibarangers ask Hakase about Marushina but she doesn't know about here until Yumeria shows her the art work of Marushina which made her remember about the same drawing of Marushina from before by the name of T. Tsuzuki her father while Marushina wanders the city at night

Mitsuki & Yumeria were cosplaying as Aoi & Satomi from the anime & acting a scene the cafe received flowers from Marushina to open an evil cafe

Marushina was using the people to control them and to lure out the Akibarangers so they transform but only in their ranger form enter the Grand delusion  & to fight YoyogiSujibokehashirigumo

she arrived at the cafe Kozkoz tries to fight Marushina but was defeated so now Marushina now has Hakase hostage its seems that Marushina has something to do with Hakase's father

YoyogiSujibokehashirigumo runs off & turned into a giant spider so the Akibarangers uses their mecha Machine Itashar to fight & it enters the real world with Moe Moe Z-Cune which cause a ruckus to the public  so they demanded to have Hakase released so Marushina let's her go & walks away & thanks them

now the three became local heroes because of the event & now things are back to normal until Yumeria got a call from a Toei producer could it happen?! its almost over soon & its getting good so far  :D