May 12, 2012

Akiba 6

its time for the Akibaranger to visit Toei let's start

Umeko & Sakura
Hakase & Kozkoz was playing a from Yumeria's Jetman doujin while Nobuo shows them a package delivery to Toei(are they almost there) so he's bringing Mitsuki along while Yumeria stays behind

while Yumeria was strolling around the city she saw two men being fans of a pop star wanting to get some tickets & they bought it from a weird dude which turns out to be a chief clerk ShimokitazawaHoya she fights him alone but luckily Mitsuki & Nobuo comes in to help her  but they were no match so they retreated

the two made it to Toei & they saw many props used in sentai like Gekiranger & Timeranger
it was until they saw the suit actors training very hard

when Mitsuki saw the legendary suit actor Kazuo Niibori training she ask him to be his apprentice with that she learns many things from him while Yumeria is fighting the chief clerk again so she & Nobuo leaves & she thanks him for his help

while they were fighting they put Marushina & ShimokitazawaHoya in different scenes with a help from Red Hawk from Jetman Mitsuki fights ShimokitazawaHoya with the things she learned form Kazuo ShimokitazawaHoya flees but Nobuo gains wings from Red Hawk & defeats ShimokitazawaHoya
is that Fourze's classroom set?

but Marushina discovers the real world & now they are in trouble :O its staring to become reality  i like this ep & its fun to see the legendary suit actor before my eyes :)