Apr 15, 2012

Mission 8

its time for Mission 8 Ready? Go!

Hiromu has just got up & got ready for work while Nick tells him about his morning routine when they heard that GT-02 was launching they assumed that it was Vaglass attack but Usada tells them that its practice run for Gorisaki & Ryuuji.

after practice Kuroki tells about a new Buster Machine in development & assigned the Busters to protect the blueprints from the Vaglass

somehow Enter sneaks in to the building but was stopped by the Busters 
but manages to makes a get away. Ryuuji explains to Yoko what did Enter says in French before he left "わたしのかわいいのみーちゃん"

Ryuuji reunites with his old classmate Kazuya who is now an engineer & show them the plans for the new Buster Machine BC-04 ( what does this mean... foreshadow?)

Ryuuji tells Hiromu & Yoko about him & Kazuya before the accident 13 years ago while Gorisaki is hearing the conversation(where is his ears)

seamlessly Enter unleash Drillroid to steal the plans while Hiromu & Yoko fights the Drillzord Ryuuji founds Kazuya copying the plans to a flashdrive & ask him why is he doing it 
Kazuya tells him that he can't do it as an engineer & he's planning on selling the blueprints to Enter for cash. Ryuuji tells him that don't give up while fighting the Drillroid & managed to stop it from stealing the plans. Enter appears out of no where & steals the plans from Kazuya while threw the cash at him.

the Busters shut down the Drillroid & the Drillzord as GoBuster-Oh. Kazuya was disappointed about what happen & he's sorry for his actions but Ryuuji tells him don't worry & that he has his friends there for him & they'll might get it back. great ep learning a little more about Ryuuji's past 
are you spying again Gorisaki?