Apr 8, 2012

Mission 7

its time for ep 7 let's start.
the engineering crew were currently repairing CB-01 Buster Ace after the successful combination of GoBuster-Oh.

the Busters meet a rookie mechanic Koyama being recently hired he's clumsy at his job. Koyama tells Hiromu that he's a genius pilot when he saw him. however Hiromu feels that Koyama is not ready.
while Enter speaks to Messiah about his plan while Messiah tells him to eliminate the Go-Busters. Enter unleashes Densharoid to steal the Enetron.

the Busters fight the Buglers while the Densharoid goes to steal the Enetron but Gorisaki tells them that something went wrong with Ace. Hiromu rushes to the base to find out. Koyama tells them that he takes responsibility for his screw up. Hiromu goes back to action & fights the Densharoid.

but he saw a metal chicken & freezes in place. luckily Ryuuji & Yoko came to destroy it & unfreeze Hiromu

Ryuuji uses his super strength to push Hiromu's speed to catch up to the Metaroid. the Busters defeated the Metaroid. while the DenshaZord comes to steal the Enetron. Koyama manages to repair Ace & get it back in shape.
the Megazords arrived but got shut down by GoBuster-Oh
the Busters goes to the engineering room & Hiromu tells Koyama that he's ready & trust him for Ace's maintenance. Koyama gives them a thumbs up while they give it to him as well.
this ep was great giving the mechanics a chance to shine from their perspective ^_^