Apr 1, 2012

Mission 6

finally it's time for  the debut of Gobuster-Oh so let's start.

the Go-Busters was practicing to combine into Gobuster-Oh but Hiromu messed up his timing on the gattai. Kuroki tells Hiromu about his performance while Ryuuji tells him that he's a genius pilot which upsets Usada because he thinks Yoko is the genius pilot. elsewhere the Cutter Zord has reactivated itself. 

Ryuuji & Yoko talks about Hiromu while he's thinking about what went wrong in the gattai.Nick told him about when he was still little Ryuuji help him how to throw a rock across the river. Enter unleashed Sprayroid & infiltrated the building

the Go-Busters fighting Enter & Sprayroid  while he released the Cutter Zord Ryuuji freed Hiromu & fights the megazords as CB-01 Buster Ace. it didn't turn out well but when Ryuuji & Yoko arrived it's time for Combine Operation. Hiromu believes that he can do it & Tokumei Gattai into Gobuster-Oh

with the Buster Sword they shut down the two megazord. i love Gobuster-Oh hoping to hear its theme song but i'll wait i like the interaction between Hiromu & Ryuuji when they were younger.