Apr 9, 2012

Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Great Hero Battle review

i should have done this so here's a movie review on the Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Great Hero Battle. let's start :D the movie starts with the extended version of the Legend War all 34 Super Sentai battle against the Zangyack until they sacrifice their power to defeat them. after the war every warrior was injured but shock that their power is gone. years past now it goes to the Gokaigers when they were fighting the Gourmin the pirates turned into Go-ongers, Dynaman,and Fiveman. right when they were about to use the Goseiger keys Agri & Moune snatch them out of their hands. the Gosei Tenshi use them transform & ask the pirates for Gosei Knight key. the Gokaigers refuse to give it to them so they fight each other for the key.  but the Goseigers are not going to give up yet they went far to use Gosei Great to fight the pirates. while the Zangyack made an alliance with the Black Cross King to beat the Super Sentai. meanwhile Daigourou was giving anpan to little kids when he saw a little boy holding a DaiDenzin toy which made him remember his time as DenziBlue. when he saw a salaryman almost got ran over by Umeko but was saved by Ryo. the salaryman showed  a toy replica of the Variblune & told them that he lost hope in life but they told him to value it. while at the Gokai Galleon the crew was attacked by Gosei Great. so it was Gokai-Oh vs Gosei Great or Seaick Gosei Great. this was a way for Alata to sneak in to the  Gokai Galleon & steal the key but was stopped by Marvelous.the two red rangers fought on ground while Alata was holding the treasure chest but was stopped by the Black Cross King & revived the 3 villains, Brajira of the Messiah(stay dead already!),Hades God Dagon,and Yogoshimacritein. the King transported them to different dimensions.with them out of the way the Black Cross King can conquer the city. eventually the Gokaigers & Goseigers cooperated and everyone made it out alive with the 3 villains destroyed & made a truce with Gosei Knight back to normal thanks to Navi finding the key. they face the Black Cross King but he uses the Ranger Keys to fight the Goseigers & Gokaigers. they manage to beat them and turn them all back to keys. all that's left to beat is the Black Cross King the keys suddenly glow & transported them to an empty space where the legends approve them of their grand powers while giving them a pep talk & summons the Super Sentai Bazooka to destroy the Black Cross King. but he grew to a powerful beast & Gosei Knight was knock down.Nozomu & the salaryman tells everyone to never give up & cheer for them as they battle the beast. with the help of all 33 megazords in Super Sentai history. all the villains was defeated all but the Black Cross King. the Gorangers keys glowed meaning the Gokaigers can use the Variblune to make Goren Gokai-Oh to defeat the Black Cross King for good with the Gokai Hurricane Cassiopeia. the crowd cheered with joy & thanked the Gokaigers & Goseigers for saving the day. the Goseigers returned their keys to the pirates now that they trust them while a new hero in silver watches them as the Galleon sails. i love this movie & it brings alot of memories to people everywhere. like Gosei Knight says its a miracle.so i would give this movie a 5/5 & recommend it as well ^_^