Apr 22, 2012

Akiba 3

it's time for ep 3 Akibaranger start up!
Nobuo was out with his friends(surprise that he has any friends) when he saw his crush Sayaka going to the restaurant with her friends. her friends ask her if she has a boyfriend which upset Nobuo but Sayaka said she doesn't have one which made Nobuo very happy & excited that he ask for another pitcher of beer. walking out of the restaurant drunk  he was a maid getting harass by a mobster who turns into a monster GreenrivermanonmanB.L.aggrotop "Madame Butterfly" Mizuki & Moegi join him to fight the monster & they the captives turn their clothes to fancy gowns
Nobuo somehow summons Bouken Red(wearing his good luck charms) to fight the monster Hakase was shock to see another Sentai ranger in the delusion GreenrivermanonmanB.L.aggrotop manages to escape while Nobuo is attracting a crowed with his wackiness. Hakase suggest that Sake can make the Akibarangers stronger which made Mizuki mad & rushes off
Ginga Pink & Hurricane Blue
while the cafe is having a wild party with toku karaoke which everyone except for the waitresses are drunk  Mizuki saw GreenrivermanonmanB.L.aggrotop again & tried to fight but luckily Nobuo & Moegi arrive to help out. they saw the captives including Sayaka Nobuo manages to saved the ladies & Sayaka but she shoots him but it was actually Marushina in disguise  GreenrivermanonmanB.L.aggrotop fights 
Nobuo while Mizuki fights Marushina & Moegi & Hakase are still drunk 

Bouken Red came to help the Akibarangers to fight GreenrivermanonmanB.L.aggrotop & he transform into the bouken scooper to use against  GreenrivermanonmanB.L.aggrotop & finish him off with their finisher

after the battle Moegi & Nobuo were throwing up because of them being drunk the two & Hakase apologize to Mizuki & she accepts them
it's good to see Bouken Red again :)