Apr 15, 2012

Akiba 2

due to not many screenshots this week this is all i have >_< so let's start
with Nobuo being disappointed about that fact that the fights have been nothing but delusions. Hakase shows them the footage of what really happen. Nobuo leaves the cafe sad.until he see a car with Deka Red's actor in it. while Moegi is eating some curry & her cat ears fell off with a deep voice O_o Nobuo saw Ryuji but Ryuji ask him to be his partner but it was a delusion. Ryuji is grateful & tells Nobuo that he's attending a Power Rangers S.P.D event. which made Nobuo more sad. Mitsuki & Moegi was going to buy a Aoi keychain & saw a  group of guys going to an ally but it was a trap by Marushina which made all the guys naked. the girls try to fight it but they can't do it without Nobuo. he's walking around the street when he saw Deka Red. when he stop he  tries to tell Nobuo told go back to the Akibarangers but when he refuse Deka Red use his signature drop kick to convince him. but all that was a hoax by Hakase(why did they blur the money) when they got a new car with Aoi-tan design it turns a robot.  they fight Shibuyaseitakaawadachisouhidenagaaburamush  with Deka Red by their side he transform into D-Wrapper to beat it. Hakase is confuse to how did he get to the delusion. the Akibarangers were happy that they get to fight with Deka Red especially Nobuo. this ep is really confusing & good O_o