Apr 7, 2012

Akiba 1

here's a ep review of Hikounin Sentai Akibaranger ep 1 let's start.
so Nobuo Akagi was pretending to be Deka Red but failed so he went on to his delivery. but stop when he saw Maskman's Great Five for ¥100,108 (wow too much!)
but saw a new anime called Nijiyome Academy Z-Cune Aoi & the cut out named Aoi was talking to him out of cuteness so he made his delivery to an office where he meet his crush Sayaka & having a fantasy about her. but worries that she won't like him due to his obsession. 

later on Hakase Hiroya met Nobuo & wants him to be a Akibaranger (Akiba Red) . He meets Mizuki Aoyagi (Akiba Blue) & Yumeria Moegi (Akiba Yellow) they go to a Super Sentai Cafe where there are many merchandise everywhere i wish that this cafe exist 

Hakase gives them their henshin devices in a form of Aoi & ask them to use them. to test them out they henshin to become Akibarangers 

they proclaim themselves as the 37th Super Sentai but Hakase told that they are not because they are not a part of the Super Sentai series so they are an Unofficial Super Sentai. at night they visits a cafe where two women cosplay as Nai & Mae but it was a trap

so they transformed into Akibarangers & fight the Team Evil Stemer Corporation with their leader Shibuya Seitaka Awadachi Sou Hidenaga Abura Mushi & Marushina . they fought the leader & uses the finisher to beat him .
the Akibarangers sit at a sunset & wonder if they are going to fight again

at the cafe Hakase tells them that they are not done yet & they are going to fight again which   Nobuo is disappointed
this ep is really funny putting anime & Super Sentai together is really amazing & hearing the Super Sentai theme songs in the background is cool. i will continue watching this show to see what's happening next