Mar 25, 2012

Mission 5

it's time for Mission 5.
Morishita was explaining about the 3 type of megazords that the Vaglass uses to fight the Go-Busters.

while the buddyroids were having their lil fight
Hiromu didn't realize about these types & Yoko explains more about it. Kuroki gives them a new assignment
Just as Enter unleashes a new Metaloid Tireroid to steal the Enetron

Ryuuji & Yoko fights it while Hiromu protects the truck but then something has happen to Ryuuji

Gorisaki tells him don't overuse his super strength because Ryuuji would get overheated but he gets worry when Ryuuji becomes dark & sadistic due to his weakpoint. he defeated the Tireroid by impaling him with his sword

Gorisaki explains Ryuuji's weakpoint more detailed to Yoko but became terrified of Ryuuji & his actions & when he was almost about to hit Yoko but he missed. 

 after that Ryuuji passed out luckily Gorisaki made it to cool Ryuuji down with ice Yoko cried because she's worried about Ryuuji. Usada tells Hiromu & Nick about what happen between Yoko & Ryuuji. Nick tells Hiromu to be gentle with Yoko, when Yoko arrived he tells her that she was crying & still has dirt on her face but Hiromu became blunt again & got hit on the head by Nick
バカ ヒロム
Hiromu was nice enough to give Yoko a handkerchief to clean her face with. Usada came to see if Yoko is alright & gave her some chocolate but Yoko is still worried about Ryuuji CB-01 Buster Ace fights the Vaglass megazord but Hiromu freeze when saw an image of a chicken.

while Ryuuji & Gorisaki talk about his actions to Yoko while Ryuuji is cooling off he felt bad about what he done to Yoko
when Ryuuji returns to battle & save her he apologize to her for his behavior. this marks the debut of RH-03 animal mode which it can kick ass & sends the megazord flying
Hiromu becomes unfrozen & shuts down the megazord
Yoko learned about Hiromu & Ryuuji's weakpoints while she goes into her own weakpoint for not eating enough candy.
while the Cutter Megazord reactivates itself
this episode is awesome seeing all three weakpoints in 1 episode & the bond between Ryuuji & Yoko :)