Mar 18, 2012

Mission 4

the fourth mission starts. the commander was having a meeting with the Go-Busters about a new strategy to increase military potential with the Buster Machines. while talking about the victims from 13 years ago. the Busters were traveling to the Enetron Management  Bureau where they met Enter while cutting pizza.
he made a new metaloid, the Cutteroid right in front of the Go-Busters.they fought the Go-Busters but Hiromu got hurt while protecting two security guards from the metaloid but it vanish & escape.
Nick was wrapping bandages on Hiromu while they discuss about Enter & something that is out of character about him. when Yoko said "うさ‶い。" Hiromu said "バカ?" which she got mad & Hiromu's bandage was tied too tight XD
Hiromu & Nick had a way to protect the building from the metaloid but Ryuuji ask him if he's ok with this. Hiromu believes that he can do it & will be ok to make sure that Messiah will be shut down. while the Megazord tries to destroy the building. CB-01 Buster Ace fights it with help from GT-02 & RH-03.
while Buster Ace are fighting the Megazord Ryuuji & Yoko were fighting the metaloid. at first they they think that Hiromu is reckless for his plan but they believe that he can do it. Ace beats the Megazord but Enter shuts it down. Ryuuji & Yoko beats the metaloid & they are glad that Hiromu is ok.
while the commander actually had a plan of his own for the Enetron & transmitter. Usada tells them about how mean his idea & why he shouldn't deploy Usada & Gorisaki while putting Hiromu in danger. Ryuuji was about to hit him but Hiromu stops him. the commander tells the Go-Busters why they are here in the first to shut down Messiah. the Go-Busters reply with a roger. this episode is good & i like the action scenes with Buster Ace with its major injury almost split in half. wants some pizza?