Mar 11, 2012

Mission 3

it's time for the 3rd mission! Enter was discussing about his latest plan with Messiah. Messiah is being impatient & wants to get out & destroy the Go-Busters.Enter tells him to be patient while he unleash his plan. 

with a disguise he sneaks to the supply room to unleash a metaloid. from then the Go-Busters deploy to their next mission.

they infiltrate a hospital to search for some clues. but they saw people who have metal masks on their faces caused by the metaloid. the victims were controlled & fight the Go-Busters. they met Enter again & ask him if he's responsible. Enter attack them & escapes with the metaloid.
do something Ryuuji instead of laughing
 while Hiromu & Yoko are arguing,she upset at Hiromu for treating her like a kid(he's really straight forward & said that she is a kid) but her weakpoint came in at a bad timing. while she shouted chicken at Hiromu he partly freeze yet he's still moving around. 
Ryuuji reminds her of Hiromu's promise & not to be upset at Hiromu. the Needloid was injecting the Vaglass virus in to humans & turns them into machines. Hiromu & Yoko have to fight the metaloid while Ryuuji & Gorisaki fights the Vaglass megazord. this is also the debut of GT-02 animal form.
Nick wants to help but the commander told him to stay put. Usada tells him that they'll be ok. GT-02 needs the enetron in order to fight. when the enetron is at 100% the megazord attacked & Gorisaki is nervous about his first battle while at the hospital Yoko saw a little girl crying. she tells her it will be ok, while Yoko remember when she was little she cried as well.
 she told Hiromu that she's not that little girl anymore.

 the Needloid attacks them while Hiromu apologizes to Yoko & admits that Nick's right about him being too straight forward. the Needloid grew & is fighting Ryuuji & Gorisaki. while the power at the hospital is at low Hiromu & Nick helps Ryuuji & Gorisaki. & Yoko helps the patients to safety. CB-01 Buster Ace has arrived to beat the Needloid.GT-02 has slipped to the sea(that's why monkey bars are dangerous) but made it just in time to deliver the enetron to the hospital. the trio watches the city at night from above.
good episode to watch & i bet that Nick might be happy that he's right in his head.