Mar 4, 2012

Mission 2

its time for ep 2 let's go!
we got to see the debut of Blue Busters & Yellow Busters'Buster machines GT-02 & RH-03. after that we finally get to see the opening

the three got another assignment though Hiromu's & Yoko's weakpoint has arrived Nick manage to carry Hiromu away while being frozen XD

Usada explains to Miho about the weakpoints while Ryuuji is fighting Enter alone Gorisaki is worrying about him but Enter escapes.
the chief retold the events that had happen 13 years ago. while there lil Yoko was sad that her parents are gone but Ryuuji & lil Hiromu made a promise to her that they will bring them back.
the Go-busters now fight a new metaroid but it grew so the Busters are now ready to deploy the machines as they shut down the metaloid they beat it successfully.
a good ep so far. bringing the flashback to the ep can't wait for the 3rd episode. :)