Mar 25, 2012

Go-Busters weakpoints

with ep 5 show all 3 of the Busters'weakpoints let's review their weakpoints.

Hiromu's weakpoint is if he is startled or scared he would freeze by his fear of chickens  yes i said "chickens" up close or an image can freeze him for 5 minutes which can be bad in battle even saying the word can make him react but he will move like a robot which means that Nick has to carry him around while Hiromu is frozen

Ryuuji's weakpoint is if he use his super strength too much he would overheat which can make him change his personality to dark & sadistic to beat this he must be cooled down with either ice or a special cooling cream or wait until he crashes.

Yoko's weakpoint is if she runs out of energy from her "battery" she will be unable to move & stay put to beat this she must eat alot of sweets like cake & candy & count her calories so she would have more energy to fight.

these weakpoints can be an advantage for the Vaglass if they found out about them.