Feb 12, 2012

Gokai 50

it's time for my review on Gokaiger ep 50 let's start. it starts with the Gokaigers getting attack by the Zangyack fleet. as they fight they use every grand power they use in their arsenal even Megaranger's grand power which Gai use on Goujyujin
but they were defeated & they got separated as the army attacks Earth the crew thought about the Uchuu Saidai no Otakara. as Gai try to help a boy saving his mother a legend appear that is Goushi from Zyuranger
as every member saw how many people they met or see are helping others like Amachi & Yamazaki because of Super Sentai

even Miku from GoGoV tribute & the boy from ep 2

at night the crew reunites with Navi & saw that the treasure is ok
they think about what are they going to do with it. even Goushi talks to Gai about it so they thought they are going to destroy it with Gai is the man to do it & he cry too now he is an official pirate.
the next day the crew goes & ready to face the Zangyack as the 35th Super Sentai

the battle starts and they use everything they got even Marvelous transforms into the Tyrannoranger with the Dragonranger armor.
it ends with them charging against the special guard.
only 1 ep left the finale let's see how it will end next week