Feb 5, 2012

Gokai 49

here's my review on Gokaiger ep 49 so let's start. the crew met the 5 sentai legends who's
 grand power got stolen by Basco. each of them approved them of their grand power. 
then they tried to get push the keys into Navi but Navi transform into a door with each keyhole has 34 super sentai symbols. the door was opened & they walked to a cave where the Uchuu Saidai no Otakara is there.
then the treasure talked & said that it can grant wishes & even revived the dead. just as they were about to get their wishes grant. they realized that all 34 super sentai grand powers will be gone.
they got attack by Insarn as they fought her they transformed into the 5 sentais with each of them have their theme songs played. Insarn got defeated & now a larger fleet of the Zangyack began to attack Earth. wow only 2 episodes left. im gonna miss this show & its great episode.